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Chantal G.Berntzen

Chief Advisor Learning Management


  •  Chief Advisor Learning Management at NSB (The role is to ensure that all training is managed, organized, distributed and registered according to internal and external requirements as well as according to our company’s learning architecture and strategic goals).
  •  Prince2-certified project manager with solid experience in learning management, team management, project management and training planning in large international companies both in the transport and oil industry.
  •  Languages: French, English and Norwegian.


FH-Prof. DI(FH) Frank Michelberger


  •  Head of the Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute for Integrated Mobility Research at St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences.
  •  Studied mechanical engineering and has several years working experience at the Austrian Federal Railways in various positions.
  •  Worked for several years at the Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology in Austria.
  •  Since 2010, lecturer at St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences for master’s and bachelor’s courses.
  •  Since 2013 , head of the of the Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute for Integrated Mobility Research where he is responsible for a research .


Franz Reisinger Consultant at German Railway, DB

  •  Management Diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Railway Operation and Railway Engineering.
  •  Consultant at German Railway, DB Training, Learning & Consulting.
  •  Projects:
  •         Red Line System Tel Aviv
  •         Rail Institute Project in Abu Dhabi
  •         Network Path of DB Schenker
  •         Roadmap to Safety in South Africa
  •         Rail University in Qatar
  •         Rail Operations trainings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South
  •         Africa, USA, Brazil



Annalena Bottmann

consultant at Deutsche Bahn


  •  Psychology studies in Vienna, Austria,
  •  Worked in health management at ÖBB, Vienna.
  •  Since 2016: consultant at Deutsche Bahn, working in change management projects, managing and giving trainings on stress management / resiliency and coordinating psychological assistance for passengers and employees after accidents.
  •  Came up with the idea of PowerUP! during my studies and I am currently working on
  •  Bringing it to life at Deutsche Bahn.




Chef de projet – Management des RH-SNCF – DIRECTION DU MATÉRIEL 



  •  several years in operational management at SNCF,
  •  management of human resources
  •  Accompanying several reorganizations in different activities at SNCF,
  •  An experience in the Department of Material Trades



Anjum Naweed

Associate Professor – Central Queensland University


  •  Associate Professor at Central Queensland University.
  •  15 years of experience across a range of industry sectors, complex domains, and occupational settings.
  •  PhD in applied cognitive science,
  •  Certified Professional Ergonomist at the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia. co-edited books, written over 100 peer reviewed articles and secured over $2.5 million in research funding.
  •  Scientific Editor for Applied Ergonomics and Scientific Convenor for the Australasian Simulation Congress on four consecutive occasions.
  •  In 2012, was awarded the Body of Knowledge prize from Simulation Australasiaand theJohn Lane Award from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.
  •  In 2018, was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Researchers in recognition of excellence in research activity, publication and engagement.

Mohamed FATHI  

Chef de Département Audit et Inspection Sécurité  ONCF


  •  Diplôme d’ingénieur d’état en génie Electrique et Electronique de Puissance – EMI-
  •  Depuis 2009 : Chef de Département Audit et Inspection Sécurité –Rabat
  •  2005-2009 : Chef d’Arrondissement Circulation – DRIC Centre-Casablanca
  •  2002-2005 : Chef d’Arrondissement Circulation – Département Axe Nord-Meknès
  •  1999-2002 : Chef d’Inspection Transport- Tanger
  •  1997-1999: Chef d’Inspection Exploitation- Safi
  •  1995-1997 : Assistant Commercial + Chef de gare Oujda
  •  Pilotage de plusieurs projets : ( FOH – Culture Positive Sécurité ;  Mise en place d’un Système de Management de la Sécurité ONCF ;Projet Davincci – Retour d’Expérience Circulation des Trains  ; Certification Arrondissement Circulation – DRIC Centre ISO 9001 …)




  •  PhD in ergonomics,
  •  consultant with consulting firms and expertise in ergonomics, before1999.
  •  Rregionalergonomist in Picardie (charge of Prevention and Human Factors agency in Nord-Pas de Calais where she supervised ergonomists and OSH experts  at the service of the SNCF establishments.
  •  Expert in organizational and human factors (OHF) in  Safety  Department  Participates in analysis of safety events, in the writing of references, in studies in the framework of national projects, in the training of safety  actors and in the animation of OHF networks, in the implementation of innovative safety approaches such as CRM (Business Risk Awareness), Rex positive.
  •  Member of the internal network of scientific experts
  •  Contribution : research and innovation work such as autonomous train,human reliability.

Thierry BÉCAM

Directeur de l’Université du Service – SNCF MOBILITÉS


  •  Directeur d’Établissement Commercial Trains , à Tours puis à la région Pays de la Loire
  •  Management opérationnel d’équipes en responsabilité du service et de la sécurité à bord des trains
  •  2012 – 2016 : Directeur des Services de l’Axe TGV Atlantique
  •  Mai 2016 : Directeur de l’Université du Service : Pilote l’équipe d’ingénierie pédagogique et les formateurs de l’université du service dédiée aux métiers escale, vente et bord.

Christophe PROSPER

Chef de projet modèle de compétences -SNCF


  • Compétences techniques :
    •  Conduite des trains
    •  Management de la sécurité/nouvelle culture sécurité
    •  Gestion des moyens
    •  Gestion des plans de transport
    •  Connaissance des métiers escale et train

Gonçalo Venceslau Bernardino

Human resources manager Infrasetructuras de Portugal


  •  Human resources manager.
  •  Training Manager for Infrastructures in Portugal.
  •  Master’s degree in Corporate Sciences from ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management. Researcher in rail training, focused in ROI in Training.

Cadre RH at O.N.C.F

  •  Rich experience in the commercial field,
  •  HR manager At ONCF since 2014 .
  •  Experience in consulting and training with several firms.

Pilot training of 8000 employees and the integration of new recruits at ONCF.   ü   Referent of Managerial Training at the IFF.   ü   Trainer and Coach of Trainers certified in Life Skills.

  •  Master in HR.
  •  Preparing a doctoral thesis in economics and management.

Andrew Russell

Managing Director

Rail Training International Ltd North

  •  Unique in the UK, having been Head of Learning & Development (L & D) for both London Underground and Network Rail.
  •  Now Managing Director of Rail Training International and has worked in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Latvia amongst many others.
  •  Current projects include developing Risk-Based Training Needs Analysis (RBTNA) and training for the introduction of the new rolling stock, including the Hitachi Inter-City Express (IEP) and AT200 rolling stocks and a range of CAF rolling stocks. Other areas of expertise include Non-Technical Skills, Training Validation and Incident Management / Accident Investigation.
  •  Member of the UIC Steering Committee for the ‘Expertise Development Platform’ and World Rail Training Congresses and is also a UIC Talent Ambassador.
  •  Ex member of 2Train European Commission research project, the Leonadro Commission project URaLSE and a number of Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB) research projects.
  •  His doctoral research centred on the impact of train driver cognitive style on learning effectiveness using technology-based training methods.

Caroline THERET

Directrice Ecole Nationale des Compétences

Traction pour les Managers (ENCTM)


  • Sciences Po: Diplôme Executive Master en Ressources Humaines.
  • Diplôme de l’Institut d’Etudes en Sciences politiques et
  • CELSA – Ecole des hautes études en sciences de l’information et de la communication: DESS Communication et Politiques de développement territorial



  •  SNCF : Plus de  17 ANS d’expérience :
  •  2016 – Aujourd’hui : Directrice de l’Ecole Nationale des Compétences Traction pour les Managers (ENCTM).
  •  2012 –2016 : Responsable Ressources Humaines.
  •  2007 – 2011 : Adjointe commerciale du Dirigeant d’Unité.
  •  2005 – 2007 : Responsable Commerciale.
  •  2003 – 2005 : Chef de projet Centre de Relation Client TER.
  •  2000 – 2003 : Responsable Communication TER Midi-Pyrénées.

Dr. Sandra Hutterli

Head of Corporate Training SBB & Digital Transformation (fit4future)

  •  PhD in Learning & Competence Development, Change Management & Organizational Learning at University of Zurich and University of St.Gallen,
  •  Master of Business Administration at London School of Economics, New York University and HEC Paris,
  •  Master of Arts at University of Zurich,
  •  Master of Applied Sciences at Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen.
  •  Responsible at Swiss railways SBB for the Corporate training of 33’000 employees in 150 different professions and the human factors in the digital transformation.
  •  President of the governing board of Login, the leading company for vocational training in the Swiss public transport and mobility industry, as well as lecturer at University of St.Gallen.
  •  National and international experience in organizational learning, governance and the human impact on digital transformation and business strategy.


Director of Transilien’s University -SNCF

  •  35 years of experience at SNCF within different fields
  •  Has always participated in the development of skills and support for collaborators
  •  Certified coach
  •  Graduated from a Master 2 in training engineering
  •  Now Director of Transilien’s University
  •  His ambition is to transform Transilien’s training production by integrating digital innovations and the   necessary change of trainers’ posture.


Responsable Digitalisation et E-learning
Directrice adjointe UTN (SNCF)

  •  20 years of experience within SNCF
  •  Highly committed to training
  •  Has held several positions in this field: trainer, educational project manager, campus manager
  •  Now, in charge of educational innovation and digitalization training paths within Transilien’s University.


Management Development| HR-  Prorail

  •  MD Officer at ProRail since 2015
  •  Studied Political Science in Sarajevo (former Yugoslavia)
  •  In her first years in the Netherlands she worked as a freelance journalist and graduated in Human     Resource Management in Amsterdam
  •  From 2000 to 2013 worked at a large Insurer (Delta Lloud Group) in different positions as HR Business   Partner and Team manager
  •  Was active as a guest teacher for HR studies and provided various training courses
  •  In 2013, she made the switch to the public sector where she is now involved in Leadership and Management Development at ProRail.

Angel Crecencio Martínez Ortiz
Training department as Coordinator in Human Factor 


  •  Worked in Adif from 1984
  •  2015 – 2019  working in the Training department as Coordinator  in Human Factor, Security and Environment matters.
  •  2011 – 2015-  Technician in Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Training department.


  •  Education and training:
  • 1991-1996    Degree in Philosophy (Universidad de Valencia).
  • 1997- 2007   PHD   Doctor of Philosophy (Universidad de Valencia).
  • 2006-2007 Technician of Occupational Risks in the specialties of Applied Psychology and  Ergonomics.
  • 2011-2012 Master in Corporate Social Responsibility. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.
  • 2012-2013 Master in Civil Protection in the railway sector. Universitat de Valencia.
  • 2016-2017 Security Director  Alcala University.


  • Publications : Books: “Prevention of Occupational Risks: also a question of Corporate Social Responsibility” ,and several papers in journals.


Doreen Christmann

Business Consultant HR and TrainingDB Rail Academy / GERMANY

  •  Eight years of experience in the training business.
  •  Started in the governmental institution for education.
  •  Business Consulting and Business Development at DB Engineering & Consulting’s DB Rail Academy,
  •  recruiting.
  •  Marketing department of Deutsche Bahn’s internal training service provider.
  •  Manager of international training projects for rail companies and authorities by designing training programs and elearning formats (DB Rail Academy).


Elio Minerva

HR Coordinator RFI-Technical Academy.

  •  HR Consultant (for about 15 years) in a private Rome based Consultancy firm with experience in international Benchmarks and Salary Surveys.
  •  Previously HR Manager in Trenitalia – Italian Railway Operating Company, with different responsabilities (for about 15 years) in the fields of Recruiting, Training, Development, Organization, Labour Cost, Personnel Administration, Research and HR transformation (business process reengineering) and Innovative Projects.
  •  HR Coordinator RFI-Technical Academy.
  •  RFI- Rete Ferroviaria Italiana. Italian Railway Infrastructure Manager.


Martine de Jong

Procesleider Human Factors

  • 2000 Shiftleader operations Traffic control
  • 2000-2003 :Manager Traffic control center ProRail Rotterdam Freight department ( Kijfhoek)
  • 2003-2008   Manager Traffic control center ProRail Rotterdam
  • 2008- 2013  ProRail L&D consultant traffic control educational department/ Supervisor learning coaches
  • 2013 – now Operational manager Traffic Control educational department/Project Manager Human Factors/ Supervisor trainers Traffic Control
  • Apologise for the long waiting.


Jacqueline Ridder

ProRail program manager 


  •  1981-1989 Study business- and government management.
  •  1989-1993 (Quality) management consultant Dutch Railways.
  •  1993-2012 Consultant, asssessment psychologist, coach, management trainer, project manager, accountmanager Human Company (consultancy firm).
  •  2012-2014 ProRail L&D consultant Traffic Control educational department.
  •  2014-now  ProRail program manager Traffic Control educational department/Project Manager Human Factors.

Moha Khaddour

Consultant en Génie Civil, sécurité et sureté du système ferroviaire


  •  Ingénieur de l’Ecole Mohammedia d’Ingénieurs en 1979 .
  •  Formation continue en gestion des entreprises à ISCAE .
  •  2009 à 2014 , Directeur du Pôle Sécurité et Contrôle de l’ONCF .
  •  2010 à 2012 , Président de la plateforme sureté de l’UIC .
  •  Enseignant vacataire de l’infrastructure ferroviaire dans les Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs (EMI-EHTP).
  •  Intervenat dans les séminaires et Congrès Internationaux .
  •  Directeur du cabinet de conseil CIFDD depuis 2014.
  •  Expert assermenté auprès des tribunaux depuis 2015 .



Nassiri Said

Directeur commercial GV /ONCF


  •  Ingénieurd’Etat de l’EMI
  •  A l’ONCF depuis 1987
  •  Directeur Circulation 2002 / 2005 et 2009 / 20014
  •  Directeur régional 2005 / 2009
  •  Directeur projet LGV Exploitation 2015 / 2018
  •  Directeur commercial GV depuis 2018


Keersmaeker Lucien

Manager Infrabel Academy


  •  Chemins de fer Belges / Infrabel.
  •  Agent du mouvement (Contrôleur des circulations).
  •  Officier de police.
  •  Teamleader bureau du personnel – Direction Transport et après Direction Réseau.
  •  Chef de division: Gestion du personnel et des formations – Direction Réseau.
  •  Manager Infrabel Academy.




  •  Master degree in ergonomics since 2016,
  •  Prepare thesis as part of an industrial partnership (SNCF, FONCSI, Université Paris-Descartes, LIMSI/CNRS). , about professionalization to safety, and aims to build and test an evaluation approach from professionalization to safety to support the development of a safety culture.
  •  Co-lead the network of Young Researchers in Ergonomics.


Research Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa.


  •  1990/1995 Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa
  •  1995/1998 Master in Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa
  •  1998/2002 PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa .
  •  Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering Design and Structural Materials, Mechanical Engineering Department, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa.
  •  Several Research Projects and several International Scientific Publications.

Tony Mildred

Business Unit Manager -Training and eLearning – OKTAL SYDAC


  •  Learning and development professional
  •  30 years experience in the development of simulator-based learning and development programs.
  •  Worked extensively in Australia, the UK, China and Europe advising on the design and use of train simulators and supporting eLearning tools for Oktal Sydac.
  •  Currently undertaking studies toward a Dr of Education Degree specifically focused on learning transfer through simulation for rail vehicle drivers.


Associate Professor of Linguistics and International Education


  •  Associate Professor of Linguistics and International Education;
  •  Deputy Dean, School of Distance and Continuing Education, Southwest Jiaotong University, China, which is Known as the cradle of China’s railway engineers.
  •  Project Manager of over 50 railway-related international training projects in China and countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, in the fields of railway trainer training, locomotive, rolling stocks, track maintenance, transportation operation, power supply and signaling.

Christophe MARTIN

Directeur Général –  IFF 

  •  Since 1987 at SNCF
  •  Career is marked by customer service.
  •  Management positions at SNCF Voyages (marketing, railway service, security), in Regional Service (project management) and in Greater Paris area (project manager) as well as in operational management.
  •  Director in a unit of 500 train managers.
  •  Director of Exploitation then Director TGV in Pays de la Loire.
  •  Director general IFF since 2017.

Rajkiran Kandola

HSEQ Research -AMEY

  •  Currently working as a Human Factors Business Partner for Amey in their Consulting and Rail Business Unit .
  •  Was formally a KTP Research Associate for Leeds Beckett University as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership working with Amey.
  •  The specific areas of work include the application of psychology and human factors to improve and understand accident risk in large safety critical organisations.
  •  Undergraduate degree in Psychology at Coventry University .
  •  Postgraduate degree at the University of Wolverhampton in Occupational Psychology
  •  Member of the BPS – Division of Occupational Psychology, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society – Europe Chapter and Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF).



Professor of computer sciences at Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France

  •  Full professor of computer sciences at Univ.Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, Valenciennes, France.
  •  Coordinator of the SIGMA_RAIL Erasmus+ project.
  •  Received the Ph.D. degree in computer science in 1990 and the habilitation to supervise research (HDR) in 2001, both from the University of Valenciennes, France.
  •  Currently member of the Laboratory of Industrial and Human Automation control, Mechanical engineering and Computer Science (LAMIH CNRS UMR 8201).
  • Research interests including evaluation and design of human-machine interaction, personalization and information retrieval, knowledge engineering, semantic modelling, social network analysis, interaction application generation, and socially responsible design of logistics network.
  • Co-author of 35 papers published in international journals and over 110 papers published in international conference proceedings,.
  •  Author of 2 books and 11 book chapters, and co-editor of 6 special issues of international journals.

Grigore Havarneanu

Transport Psychologist

Researcher and lecturer

  •  International experience as researcher and lecturer.
  •  PhD from the University La Sapienza of Rome
  •  worked in the academia for several years mainly in the field of road safety.
  •  Is currently Research Advisor at the International Union of Railways in Paris, where he is involved in European research projects and H2020 project proposals.
  •  Coordinates the PROACTIVE EU security project and conducts applied psychology and human factors research.

Grégory ROLINA

Railway Systems

Unit Project OfficerEuropean

Union Agency for Railways

  •  Expert in Human and Organisational Factors, with 15 years of experience in high-risk organisations
  •  Has participated in several safety culture initiatives and assessments of nuclear power plants and oil & gas facilities in Europe, Russia, Africa, North and Latin America
  •  Contributed to international guidance issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) and the French Institute for an industrial safety culture (ICSI)
  •  His last book “Human and Organizational Factors in Nuclear Safety” (Taylor and Francis, 2013) underlined the importance of upholding a healthy dialogue between safety authorities and nuclear operators to stimulate the integration of human and organisational factors and enhance safety culture
  •  Joined the European Union Agency for Railways in 2017
  •  Is currently managing the Agency safety culture programme that aims at promoting the development of a railway safety culture across Europe.



Responsable Formation et Développement des Compétences


  •  Graduating from a business school
  •  Developed an expertise in the field of change management and strategic project support over the last 20 years
  •  Joined the SNCF Group in 2008, initially at SNCF Consulting, and then within the HR department where she had implemented various major projects
  •  Since 2016, occupied the Learning Director at SNCF Transilien position that is aiming at:
    • Updating the trainings contents by integrating Mass Transit’s professional gestures
    • Developing new teaching methods in line with trainees’ expectations
    • Developing and maximizing training methods especially through digitalization
    • Accompanying the trainers in the acquisition of new skills and postures
    • Managing training as a real asset


Miguel Faro Viana

Responsável da Gestão do Conhecimento

Academia ∙ Portugal

  •  Graduated from a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and a post graduate course in management
  •  Training and development Director at Infraestruturas de Portugal – IP (IP is a Portuguese public company responsible for railways and road infrastructure management).
  •  30 years of professional experience in HR management positions in public and private companies
  •  Teaching organizational psychology, human resources management and training at Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada – Lisbon.
  •  Joined the WCRT Steering Committee in 2014.